What is this?


Lasse Hjorth Madsen


February 21, 2024

We’ve built a network of scientists and researchers active on Bluesky Social. The goal is to better understand how this group of users interact on the platform.

The network is built using an iterative algorithm that works like this: We start off with a list of hand-picked members of the scientific community, then expand the network step-by-step. This takes place by considering potential new members that:

After a number of iterations, we arrived at a science-oriented network of 8,949 members (or ‘actors’) on Bluesky. Many, but not all, do research at a research institution. A few are science writers, independent researchers, or work at private organisations.

Once the network is established, we can compute centrality measures, like betweenness centrality or PageRank to identify members that may be particularly influential.

Over at the list of Influential Scientists, we have a table with the top-100 members of the network, ranked by centrality. Feel free to explore the list, or play with the interactive Network Visualisation.